Tuesday 25 August 2015

A Testimonial for Mordinsons. My experience.

 I am writing this unsolicited testimonial for Mordinsons because I met my wife through this Agency and am very happy about my prospects for the future.

Many people are embarrassed about admitting that they use online dating or a marriage agency. Don’t be so. Be honest. If you are looking for a wife to make a future with, then why not use a service that enables you to meet like minded individuals?
I happened on Mordinsons by chance after a couple of years fruitless search on online dating sites. At first I though it was expensive compared to the online dating sites. However, you get what you pay for! For me, it has been worth every cent.
Many of the online dating agencies are completely fraudulent. Their pay by letter business model encourages fraud. Most of the girls on these sites are just communicating for money, it is a job for them. Often it is the translators writing the letters. If you arrange to “date” these ladies, you pay extortionate fees for translators (split with the girl who is not really interested), get pushed to expensive restaurants (where the girl gets a percentage) and generally put into situations that part you from your money as efficiently as possible.

What you get with Mordinsons!
The first thing to say about Mordinsons is that it is completely honest! There are no gold digging girls on the site and certainly no scammers. After my experience on the criminal pay by letter sites, I feel slightly embarassed to admit that before I used Mordinsons I investigated the agency with a PI. The report came back they were to be trusted. On visiting the agency for the first time it was clear that Michael thoroughly checked each and every girl.
You pay a fee for translation of letters of course, but this is for a fixed period, no pay by letter business model. You know that if your lady writes to you every day she is actually interested in you not doing so to earn money for each communication.
 The gifts were reasonably priced and come with photos of the girl. This is unlike the scam agencies that take a photo then split the gift money with the girl and leave with the gift. I was reassured that the gifts were actually delivered to my chosen lady. Michaels brother is the photographer and is as honest as Michael.

What reassured me most about Mordinsons, was that the first reply I had was a rejection! This confirmed that the woman was not communicating for profit.
Even though I had the opportunity to write unlimited letters to all the ladies, I did not do so. Personally I think this unfair behaviour. The translation price for a month covers unlimited letters.
My letters were translated promptly and accurately, and I was able to decide within a month that I wanted to meet Katya.
I arranged a package with Mordinsons to have an apartment and meet the women of my choice. Again, I think it unfair to meet a range of women and potentially disappoint the ones not chosen (treating an agency like a cattle market is wrong in my opinion, not to mention unfair on the girls), but if you are a customer you can meet as many ladies as agree under the terms of the package.

I flew into Kharkiv at the end of March to be met at the airport by Michael and taken to the apartment. This removes the stress of arriving in a strange city, fighting your way through the human wall of mafia taxi drivers (taxi only $100!!) and checking into an overpriced hotel, that does not even have coffee/tea making facilities in the room (not standard in Ukrainian hotels unlike UK/US hotels).
The apartment was warm, functional, clean and most importantly had coffee & wifi!

The next day I met my future wife in the Mordinsons offices. Michael was a good facilitator of the meeting, he was not intrusive and did not create the impression he was just trying to get a cut of the action. Translation was accurate and there when needed. Michael gives the impression of being supportive not intrusive. He gave a phone for the duration of the visit to enable the customer to ask for help. He is there if you should need him.
I agreed to spend four days exploring Kharkiv with Katya and make a trip to Odessa with her. It depends on your interests, but there are many very good quality museums in Kharkiv. I especially enjoyed the archeology/history museum and the natural history museum. The latter was organized to educate university students so is very good.
Once you have met the lady in person, it is permitted to exchange social media details. This was very important for me, because it enabled me to check that the person I met really was what she claimed to be. I think it was the same for her. There was no attempt by mordinsons to block this exchange of information. (This blocking is a common strategy of the pay by letter sites to keep people paying for letters and communication). If I recall correctly, I even paid for another months translation of letters after this information was exchanged because Katyas English was limited. I was confident that the translation service was honest and not designed to defraud.
And after 3 days Katya said she would like to visit the UK to find out what life with me would be like. The visa application service Mordinsons offers is comprehensive and worth every cent. Clear instructions are given as to what you have to do, and the lady is helped with making the application.
However, halfway through the process, Katya decided she wanted to marry me! The visa service then had to be changed for a residents visa, I was not charged extra. So, after 12 weeks getting a certificate of no impediment in the UK (The Kiev ZAGS says it is no longer necessary, the rules have changed!) we got married on August 12th in Kiev. As of the date of writing this, we are still married and Mordinsons is helping Katya with the visa process to become resident in the UK.
So to conclude. After two frustrating years being scammed and defrauded by the pay by letter sites, I used Mordinsons. I first wrote to my lady in February, we met for the first time at the end of March and we were married 12th August. I cannot guarantee you will meet with similar success, but I can tell you that it is far more probable than with the pay by letter dating sites. Mordinsons is honest and genuine, its services provide you with the necessary foundations. The rest is up to you!
If you wish to have me personally confirm this testimonial, ask Michael for my contact details. I am happy to speak with prospective customers who need verification.

Of course there is no guarantee that the lady you meet will like you, or want to build a future with you. But to improve your chances, I give the following advice:
1)   Be honest about what you are as a person! Relationships are founded on trust and honesty.
2)   Don’t try to impress, just be yourself. I hope you are looking for a life partner not a superficial trophy wife. A man with a regular job, a career and a future is far more attractive than someone who pretends to be wealthy or important.
3)   Have the right attitude. You cannot buy affection! Do not think that the women are using a marriage agency because they are desperate to escape the economic situation in Ukraine. Most of the women you meet will have stable jobs & careers, they are not at the agency to get financial gain.
4)   Personal grooming! Make sure your shoes are shined and your nails clipped.

5)   Engage in activities with your partner! You only truly get to know someone if you do things with them like visit museums or travel together (Michael can advise on places to visit, it is part of the comprehensive introduction service)

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